Main Season - Rochester Distribution - Next Day Pick Up

If you are never able to pick up your share on Thursday night, please let us know and we will bag your share, label it with your name, and leave it in the CSA cooler in Abundance's warehouse every week. If you can't make it one week, please try to have a friend or neighbor pick it up for you during Thursday distribution. If that fails and you want your share saved, please call Ammie at 315-398-4007. Tell her the name of the Primary Contact on your share and if it's a Full or Partial share, and we will bag it and leave it in the cooler with that name on it.

To retrieve your share, go to Abundance during store hours and tell a staff person you're with the CSA and want your share. Give them your name and they will go into the warehouse to get your share for you. If you have ordered weekly bulk, please let them know to look for a separate bag, also with your name on it, containing your order. 

All food left in the CSA cooler beyond Monday night will be donated to St. Joseph's House for their soup kitchen.

GOING AWAY? Have a friend or relative pick up your share. Give them the name of your Primary Contact for sign-in and your share size. It's the best way to introduce people to our CSA!